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3 Unusual Tricks To Improve The Appearance Of Your Garden

On many occasions we think about the appearance of the garden from a point of view very focused on the plants , trees and flowers that we have. Is this a good idea? Well … yes, but it is incomplete. Today, I will give you three unusual tricks to improve the appearance of your garden so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Have An Overview

The most important thing when creating a garden is to have an overview. And what does it mean to have an overview? Well, do not focus only on a part or an element of the garden, but try to foresee the final complete result.

Gardening and landscaping training This is a very common mistake. For example, focus a lot on the plants being well cared for while the walls of the house, which should be white, have already had a yellowish color for years.
If you stop to think about the different gardens that you have liked when you have seen photos, they were not simply well-kept plants, but they played very well with other elements (such as stones or figures) and had all the parts well arranged.

This is what I mean by overview. In the care of the garden as an artistic whole.

Also, of course, this overview is much more important when it comes to designing a garden from scratch. If you don’t have this perspective, the garden you design will look like a few scraps stuck side by side.

Therefore, that is the first trick I can give you: look at things holistically and carry out a design that encompasses everything, looking for a comprehensive result.

Play With The Lighting

And what aspects are often overlooked when designing or caring for a garden in a comprehensive way? Well one of them is lighting.

And be careful, that lighting is overlooked in the design of a garden is something very normal, because whenever we think of a garden, we think of it in broad daylight. But … In the garden we are not only during the day, right?

Many times, especially in summer, we want to go out to the garden to be cool. Let’s not say if we have a pool and we want to cool off before going to sleep.

Therefore, lighting is very important to create a cozy atmosphere that reinforces all our work in the garden.

For this we can use many products. From solar outdoor lamps (which, despite their name, still illuminate at night) to garden torches (which do not work with fire, relax!).

Obviously, the choice of one type of lighting or another will depend on the effect you want to achieve, and for that, again, you need to have an overview.

We are not going to stop here to explain how you can focus the lighting of your garden, because we only want to give a few strokes to open your mind when designing and caring for it, but it is a point that you must keep in mind at all times.

Organize The Space

Another point that is taken very little into account is that of the organization and optimization of the space. And it is that, on many occasions, it seems that since we have little space, we have to fill everything with plants to make the most of it.

And that’s a bad idea; spaces need to breathe. Even if the garden is large, we must also use other types of elements to add variety to its design.

When the garden is small, we have to gain space and give the feeling that it is larger than it really is. We can achieve this by playing with perspective.

For example, you can place the trees at the back of the garden, the one that faces the edge of your property, and place smaller shrubs and plants as you get closer to its beginning.

You should also try to leave some places open, because that will give the feeling that it is larger than it really is. It would be like when you want to diet: if you put the same food on a small plate, it would seem that there is much more food than if you put it on a large plate. Therefore, I advise you not to overfill your garden.

This has a problem for those of us who like plants, of course, which is what we discard and what we keep … But that is the art of designing a small garden!

For these “respites” that we want to leave without plants, and thus achieve that feeling of spaciousness, we can choose products like these: gravel, decorative figures , wooden planks , rocks …

However, if the garden is large, we must take advantage of the possibilities that space gives us. There are things that cannot be done in a small garden, but in a large one it can, giving it greater sophistication.

For example, place a rock fountain in an area that you want to give more importance to. Surrounded by plants it will generate a very relaxing environment in your garden. Below you can see some of very good quality:

It is also necessary to play with the furniture, and place under that mulberry tree that gives such good shade a chair to read or a table to eat as a family. You have many options when it comes to outdoor furniture if you have a large garden.

As I have told you, there are several alternatives. Choose between the simplest or the most sophisticated. If you run out of your resting place, it is because you want to. Look, for example, these proposals:

As you can see, when designing a good garden, you should not limit yourself to choosing plants and flowers but you have to have an overview and go a little further. I hope these tricks to improve the appearance of your garden help you to achieve it!


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Hi my name’s Jessica Anderson, blogger, gardener, mom and wife. Discover my world and the love and passion I have for life. Find out what I have discovered and maybe it might just help enrich your life somehow.

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