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7 Foods Full Of Hidden Sugar

80% of packaged food contains added sugars, so sugar is quite a difficult substance to avoid. Sugar has been used as a base ingredient for centuries as a way to bring out the flavors of many foods and we hope to find it in foods such as pastries, candies, cookies, etc. However, there are other foods to which more and more sugar has been added over time both to enhance the flavor and to make us indulge in them over and over again.

The perfect amount of added sugar, the one that increases the sweetness of a product to just the right level, not too sweet or too bland, is known as the “happy spot” in the food industry.

When we consume sugar, the pleasure centers in the brain are turned on and it makes us feel good. Dopamine is released and it is what gives us that feeling of pleasure. Of course we love this feeling and continue to search for more sugary foods (even if the sugar is hidden!). This reward for the brain and pleasure centers is what makes sugar so addictive and hard to give up.

So if you are trying to give up sugar , make sure you don’t sabotage your own plan by consuming foods with hidden sugars.

7 Foods With Hidden Sugar

A tasty food that you don’t expect to be full of sugar, but pasta sauces can contain a lot of hidden sugar, and in fact, some companies even advise consuming their own products only once a week . The same goes for ketchup, barbecue sauces, salad dressings, and many other condiments.

2. Canned Vegetables

If you look closely at the ingredients when you do the shopping, you will be surprised to see that many canned vegetables, such as beans, peas or tomatoes, have added sugars.

It is used to enhance the flavor and prolong the conservation . So even though it says they are organic veggies, that doesn’t mean they are sugar-free!

3. Diet Foods

Bars with wrappers that look healthy and palatable may actually be full of hidden sugar. Fat-free or diet foods may seem healthy, but it often happens that when you take something away from a product (for example, fat) you have to add something else.

4. Breakfast Cereals

Many breakfast boxes are full of hidden sugars. If they are very colorful and sweet, it should come as no surprise that they are a high-sugar food. But also some cereals that seem healthy to the naked eye contain more sugar than a slice of cake.

5. Sushi Rice

Sushi is normally considered a healthy option, but it also contains sugar. To make sushi rice you have to add sugar to the rice, so the recipe says. So this is not exactly hidden sugar, but not many people know.

6. Bread

Many breads, especially white ones, have added sugars. The healthier and darker alternatives to the supermarket can also be full of sugar, especially if they are processed and can be worse than white bread.

It can be difficult to find, but you should be looking for 4g of sugar per 100g. A good alternative is to go to your local bakery or even make your own whole wheat bread.

7. Dried Fruits And Smoothies

Although fruit contains natural sugars (fructose), when the fruit dries, the sugar becomes concentrated. So dried fruits can be a source of a lot of concentrated sugar if you start overdoing them.

The smoothies are the quintessential example of a healthy lifestyle, but can also be filled with added sugars . The smoothies fruit are high in fructose and fiber is sprayed, so does not favor slow absorption.


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