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7 Mistakes You Must Avoid To Ensure You Have A Healthy Dinner

Whether you are trying to lose weight or want to follow an active and healthy lifestyle, balanced nutrition is an essential part of the plan. Even so, there are many mistakes that are often made at dinner time:

Avoid These 7 Mistakes For A Healthy Dinner

1. Decide What To Eat At The Last Minute

It’s hard to make the right nutritional decision at the end of the day when tiredness overtakes you. Organize meals in advance on the weekend or on days when you have a little more time, so meal preparation will be easier for you. When you already know what you are going to eat and have prepared it beforehand , you are less likely to opt for fast food or processed foods.

The solution: Remember that preparing dinner takes time and that starting to cook does not mean that you are going to start eating right away. Getting everything ready in advance can save you that time!

2. Abusing Dessert

Did you know that consuming large amounts of sugar can negatively affect the quality of your sleep? If you eat a lot of sugar, your blood sugar levels will rise and fall during the night and you will often wake up. Even if you don’t wake up, this can take you out of deep sleep and leave you feeling weak the next day.

The solution: If you have a sweet tooth , you can satisfy it with a small after-dinner treat, like an ounce of dark chocolate. Once you have gotten used to not eating large desserts, you will only need something small to satisfy those cravings .

3. Make Dinner The Most Important Meal Of The Day

If you are trying to lose weight , it is better that the most abundant meal is not at night. If you eat more at lunch or lunch, it will be easier for you to lose weight – even if the amount of food is the same. In addition, eating earlier can cause hormonal changes that keep you feeling full for longer, thus reducing the risk of overeating.

The solution: Reduce the amount of food in your healthy dinner and add some extra calories to your breakfast and lunch.

4. Drinking Too Much Alcohol

You may fall asleep more easily after a couple of drinks, but alcohol affects your sleep throughout the night. The alcohol in your system disrupts the natural flow through the various phases of sleep. Typically, this results in a light and less rested night’s sleep that leaves you feeling limp the next day.

The solution: Make sure you only drink enough alcohol that allows you to rest at night without waking up.

5. Drink Caffeine With Dinner

Caffeine stimulates the body’s central nervous system, increasing attention and reducing fatigue. It also blocks the effectiveness of adenosine, a chemical that produces drowsiness and regulates sleep cycles.

The solution: Caffeine has different effects on each person; If you notice that your body metabolizes caffeine slowly, it is best to avoid it at dinner time. If you really want a hot drink at night, you can opt for herbal teas or decaf coffee.

6. Eating In Front Of The Tv Or The Computer

Eating dinner watching television or browsing the Internet can lead you to eat mechanically. When you don’t pay attention to what you eat, your stomach is more likely to not feel full. People who eat distractedly tend to be less aware of how much they eat and often end up eating too much.

The solution: Try to eat healthy without electronic gadgets and try to pay attention to what you eat: colors, textures and flavors.

7. Eat Right Before Going To Bed

And last but not least: dining too late can cause blood sugar levels that your body can’t handle when it senses that you should be sleeping. In the long run, it can result in fat accumulation, insulin resistance, weight gain, and metabolic disorders. Also, it takes a few hours for the stomach to empty after a meal (a process that generally slows down over time), so eating late is a common cause of acid reflux.

The solution: Organize yourself so that you eat your last meal 3 hours before going to bed. Planning meals in advance is a great way to make sure you don’t end up eating dinner too late.


It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight or lead a healthier lifestyle: a healthy dinner is the perfect way to end the day. Try these tips and you will see that you will soon feel better and rest better at night.


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