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8 Amazing Design Ideas From The 2021 IKEA Catalogue


Nothing can beat the 2021 IKEA catalogue to make my design-loving heart beat faster. IKEA has been a favorite of mine since I was a child. I mean it seriously. Walking through the huge warehouses on a Tuesday night is my form of therapy. It’s so peaceful and quiet. I also sourced an IKEA clock and shipped it from South Korea. It had been discontinued in the US, but that’s another story! Do you remember when I took you behind the scenes at the IKEA catalog photography studio in 2013? It was so much fun. Seven years later, I still love the brand. Here are eight design concepts from the 2021 IKEA catalogue that I am inspired to use at home.


It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for dark walls (rich navy, chalky charcoals), or dark furniture (think jet black ash, oak), there are plenty of ideas in the 2021 IKEA catalog.


Are you a home-based worker? Yes, I do. Are you looking for a small apartment? Yes, I can. Are you in dire need of a WFH update despite the fact that your space is small? Yes, I can relate. The 2021 IKEA catalog has many creative ideas for small home offices. This one is in a closet. You can hide all your clutter at the end of each day. This mini desk is also my favorite.


2020 was a year! Let loose and take risks with your decor. They can yield huge design benefits. Although printing on print can seem daunting, if you stick with one color palette and vary the scale of your prints you will likely create a striking space that works. For an additional layer of color and pattern, accent with one piece of another color, such as the green dotty pillows in the blue room.


A growing trend in design is the fusion of Scandinavian and Japanese design (Japandi). Both styles are a natural match because they share many design sensibilities. You all know that I love clean lines and pale woods. LOVE. Here are some small Scandinavian finds. This basket is great, and you can also find a lovely basketweave pendant lamp here.


Technically, sage can’t save us but it can save our decor! IKEA’s kitchen featured this soft green shade. It is a popular color so I was not surprised to see it prominently. It looks great paired with the warm wood ceiling paneling and light birch dining tables and chairs. It’s so Scandinavian!


If we were in 2012, I would have expected to see an IKEA catalog-style industrial kitchen. This space features white subway tile with black grout, task lighting and factory pendants. It also has open shelving. These are all hallmarks of industrial kitchens we remember seeing eight to nine years ago. This industrial style is timeless and stylish, which I for one am happy to see returning to the mainstream. Now I need to find a large enough kitchen to recreate the entire space.


In a space that is all white, red can be a great accent color. A lot of color can be used in a space that is surrounded by white. You can think of a utility cart for the kitchen or a storage area in the entryway. This cart is ideal if you require a red home cart.


The 2021 IKEA catalog is packed with rattan, wicker and other design materials. These boho materials can be found in everything from coffee tables and armchairs to storage bins and vases. This is a great place for people who are interested in looking at other places.


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