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Hi my name’s Jessica Anderson. I’m a wife, mom and gardener by trade. It is my passion in life to and I just love to explore new things, travel to discover new culture, wildlife and horticultural aspects of those regions as well as discover, different lifestyles, and things that might insight new life and drama into my life.

I am currently living Clinton, North Carolina in a fantastic home with a large garden where I can express myself in my gardening passion. There is a dark side to my wonderful home and how I am able to live in such are grand place. My husband Steve was a banker and was very much inspired by finance. He ensured his life for a lot of money. Hopefully, he would spend that insurance money and hope you would never need to call on it. Unfortunately, that’s what I had to do. Steve died of a heart attack at a young age of 36. The life insurance paid out in the sum covered the cost to pay off the mortgage.

Although I didn’t need to work to struggle to pay the bills, I did need to find an outlet and a means to bring in some money to pay the bills. After years of debating about it I made a decision to start a blog. I saw this as a way to do this and would hopefully bring in some money at the same time. I can honestly say that is was a great decision. Not only did it fulfil all the things I needed the blog to do, but in addition to that I have received feedback from my readers where they say that my posts have been inspiring for them and some people have said it has inspired them to make life decisions and even change their life.

This blog is all about my passion, gardening but also much broader than that to include all aspects of living and about general lifestyle issues. My blog’s purpose therefore is to inspire and educate as many people as possible. I am a true believer that striving for knowledge will empower you to achieve amazing things in yours and your family’s life.

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