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How To Save Water Without Neglecting The Garden

You will consume a lot of water if you water your garden with a hose attached to a tap. Learn how to save water and not neglect your plants.

Summer is when plants require more water. Some plants will need to be watered three times per week. Did you know that the average person who uses a hose to water their garden consumes 9 liters per minute? You can water your garden in a more eco-friendly and home-friendly way than you might think.

Here are five tips to water your plants with less water

Tip #1
Water should be filtered in the right place. Summer heat causes water to evaporate quickly so watering superficially will result in water wasting. You should aim to water the roots of your plants with a deeper stream of water. It is important to direct water properly. You should also water slowly so the soil can absorb it better.

Tip #2
Make sure you water at the right time. People often water their plants during the hottest times, which can cause water loss through evaporation. It is best to water in cooler hours and not on windy days. This will cause the water droplets to be blurred. Consider that plants that are watered more frequently, even less often per week, will develop roots faster and be more resilient to drought.

Tip #3
Use organic matter padding. Spreading pine bark and gravel on your garden soil will help conserve humidity. This will prevent the soil from becoming too hot in the hottest hours, which can cause damage to the roots. Mulchs can also be used to reduce the growth of weeds. They are an interesting option that you should consider to both save water and work less in your garden.

Tip #4
Install a water capture system. You should create a system to collect rainwater and channel it into a reservoir. This will allow you to later water your garden. Even if your garden doesn’t have a lot of water, you don’t need to make the system complicated. The typical rain barrels might suffice.

Tip #5
You should choose an eco-friendly irrigation system. The irrigation system you choose will determine how much water you give your garden. For areas that have grass, sprinkler irrigation is best. However, drip irrigation is better for watering plants. The water is pumped out drop by drop and the soil is kept moist to prevent evaporation. It is also very easy to assemble. The exudate irrigation method will save you more water. It is made up of a hose of usually woven polyester that emits water along its surface. You can make sure your plants only get water when they need it by automating the irrigation system with a humidity sensor.


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