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Lifestyle blogs aren’t just any kind of blog. They’re slightly different than any kind of blog you’ve probably seen before. Basically, lifestyle blogs are all about the person – their interests, hobbies and so on. So for me, this category is essential for me to add and talk about 1 of these aspects.

If you read the definition of lifestyle blog, you’ll find out that lifestyle blogs tend to be more focused on the person’s daily life. The good thing about lifestyle blogs is that readers are usually looking for a little something extra, something they want to be able to provide for themselves

Just maybe, you’ll find the best content here in this category.

If you want to have a look at my other categories, then please check out my #gardening# and #all about the home category#


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Hi my name’s Jessica Anderson, blogger, gardener, mom and wife. Discover my world and the love and passion I have for life. Find out what I have discovered and maybe it might just help enrich your life somehow.

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